Cadi National Park

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Les canals de roca calcària del Cadí

Barida Trekking is fortunate to be situated in one of the most beautiful National Parks in the whole of Spain. It is renown for the quality of light that you get year round. Situated in Northern Catalunya close to Andorra the treks all take place within the Cadi national Park underneath the Cadi mountain. The longer treks take us over the mountain and into the valley behind where you can find the national monument Pedraforca.

The Barida is the area in which the National Park is situated. It is made of a series of over 50 small stone built villages that have been there for centuries. Trekking will involve travelling on carefully constructed routes (devised by Marc Giro and his team). These have been in development since Summer 2014 and are now ready for the world to explore.

This area of the high Pyrenees is also known as the Alt Urgell (or high Urgell). This is named after the cathedral in Seo d’Urgell (Seat of Urgell). It is the same valley that feeds into the Cerdanya also beautiful but which is popular with holiday makers from Barcelona. Due to planning regulations the Alt Urgell remains pretty much unspoilt by excess tourism and makes for an amazing rural idyll.

You can travel through the Cadi National Park for days without seeing anyone. In recent years the hiking routes through the Park have been developed and there are now a series of hermitages to stay in high up on the Cadi mountain. However horse trekking has never been developed here before. Marc has experience working in horse trekking in Patagonia, Argentina and felt that it was clear this was something which could easily be developed here.

The trekking routes are lower than the hiking ones and take you from village to village through stunning scenery. There are wild boar, deer, bears, wolves and some amazing bird life.